Hello, and welcome to my website. My name is Douglas Thorpe and I am currently attending the Salt Lake Community College, my emphasis is to become a computer engineer and receive a bachelor's degree at the University of Utah in Computer Science.

Designing this website and others will allow me to enjoy the passion of creating something. Whether it is designing websites or writing music I like the challenge and the fulfillment of being creative.

Why computing? Computing is a form of problem solving, a form of communication, and its artistic. I really enjoy a good puzzle, don't you? I believe the possibilities of being a computer programmer are endless.

I strive to be as independent as possible, which is why I have so many interests, hobbies and experiences. About four years ago I decided to teach myself how to knit, I personally know a few male engineers who knit. I guess the process of designing your own pair of gloves or a sweater has a certain appeal to puzzle solvers, the process of knitting is truly a dedication.

Some other influences in wanting to learn HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, and MySQL is that my wife owns her own business and she paid someone to have them design her a website. I have enjoyed designing fliers for my wife's business and would love to continue helping her by building her a website myself. As of now we no longer pay a web developer to maintain the website but instead use an intergrated website builder to save on cost, this has allowed her to update the website herself. Having a website that can communicate with her point of sales system, inventory, and e-commerce is the next step. With the templated website I have helped with the design and images found within.

This is a website based in Portland, Oregon. I really like the design of the website and thought that I could implement a website like this eventually for my wife. I like how clean and professional the website looks, it also has the option to search for a particular item, there is a payment option, links to its facebook page and other social media, beautiful pictures of the products with prices. I would make a few changes but for the most part I'm impressed with whoever designed the website.

I noticed when you visit the website for the first time a screen appears, the screen offers you a discount if you join their membership, I like this feature as well.