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Since 1976, Walt Bottelsen revolutionized the dart world with the introduction of his American-made Hammer Head® No Bounce™ Dart. This was the first dart ever designed to eliminate bounce outs, which rob darters of their scores. Since its introduction, the Hammer Head® has been recognized for superior quality and performance. The Bottelsen line of darts, and the subsidiary line of American Dart Lines™, are now, and always have been, designed and manufactured in the USA. Because of Walt's attention to detail in dart design and quality, the Bottelsen name has become synonymous with professional-quality American-made darts.

Recently, Walt Bottelsen selected the best darts he has manufactured since 1976 and consolidated them into his Signature Collection. These are the darts you will find showcased on this website: the best of the best. Designed and manufactured in the USA, these are the finest darts money can buy. All darts recommended by Walt include a special signature card with Walt's signature.


Walt Bottelsen and Allen Evans

In 1976, Walt Bottelsen competed in an exhibition tournament at the Moose Lodge in Santa Barbara, CA with 1975 world champion Allen Evans from Wales. Tickets had been sold for this event, even the Mayor attended. In the final round, Walt bounced 3 darts that cost him the match. Walt was motivated to develop a dart that would not bounce out and spawned a revolution in dart technology. From his innovative engineering, the Hammer Head® No Bounce Dart™ evolved. Walt tinkered away in his garage to perfect professional dart designs, including the world record setting GT® and GT3® darts. He worked to perfect different weights, balance and grips for all who wished to have a precision throwing instrument. Bottelsen Darts and the Hammer Head® No Bounce Dart™ have become household names in the dart world. Today Bottelsen Dart Company is regarded as the manufacturer of the highest quality precision throwing instruments on the planet and now Walt Bottelsen has launched this site to promote the best of the best in his dart lines.

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This Signature Collection was produced and endorsed by the only manufacturer on the planet who hails from a professional dart throwing career. Welcome to the Signature Collection!